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"Swamp Road Sally” Sightings & Folklore.

Swamp Road Sally, a real ghost. This Website is dedicated to the task of archiving eyewitness accounts of sighting of "Swamp Road Sally" and other paranormal activity occurring on or near Swamp Road in Licking County Ohio.

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Editor's Note


"Sally Blackstone"

(How it all began)


New! "Apples of Gold"

(The Mystery of the Promise)


“Kinder Der Nacht”

(The Children Of The Night)


NEW! "Color Me Dead"


"Asking For Trouble"


“Footprints In The Snow”


“Miss Ruth”


“Snowy Owl”


"Ghost Hunter"


“Like a Kite”


“Moon Flower”


"Crown of Feathers"


“Coon Hunter”


 "Swamp Road Sally Saved Me and My Family"


"The Night The Wheel Came Off"


 "Biker Larry"


"Face In The Stream"










 "Deputy Jim"


 "What Do You Want?"


"Father Charles"


"Sally Is Mean!"


 "Ice Ghost"








 "Uncle Henry"


 "Time Slip"


 "Ignis Fatuus"




 "Horse Sense"


Newly Released: "Digby"


 "Blue Ghost"


"Pigeon Roost Farm"


 "Corn Stalker"


“Tunnel of Trees”






"She Touched Me"




“The Mint Sisters”










“Ghostly Curious Disc”


"My Father's Story”














"Sally's Locket"


"Sally's Locket Returned"






"Wet Willie"






"Jacob's Ladder"




“Men In Black RVs”


"Men With Black Drones"




"The Finger"








"The Cat Sisters"




"Grandpa Casey"




"Old Buzzard"




" St. Jude's Cemetery Gate"


"Simple Gifts"


“Doc Watkins and the Creature”


“A Video of an Investigation”


 "Ohio Exploration Society Investigation of St. Jacob Cemetery"


 "Junior, Me and the Ghost of The Buxton Inn”

  (The night I felt a ghost for the first time.)


 "The Blackhand Gorge Demon"


"Silver Dollars"


"Eyes Without A Face"



"My Personal Brushes with Evil"


"The History of Swamp Road"


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