The Swamp Road Chronicles

Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

I receive about 12 reports every week, on the average, of sightings from followers of The Swamp Road Chronicles; however, most of them are variations on a theme. Typically, a report will say something like: "We stopped to look around and suddenly, without any notice, this girl appeared right beside our car, looking in at us. It scared us so badly that we fled the area as quickly as we could and have never been back."


While I certainly appreciate every report, it would not be very informative or entertaining for a reader to be provided with dozens and dozens of, basically, the same story. So, I have provided, on this site, the sightings that are in somewise unique or revealing, in some way, of the nature of the ghost, the history of the site, or the general atmosphere of the area.

The Editor.

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