The Swamp Road Chronicles

"What Do You Want?"



My mom and I had the craziest experience on Friday the 13th.

She loves ghost stories and legends and she goes on Swamp Road every chance she gets.

She says she has seen Swamp Road Sally 3 times and I believe her.

We were sitting at home talking about the whole Friday the 13th superstition and I had the really dumb idea of going down Swamp Road and looking for Sally. We didn't see anything, but we knew about the legend of the "Kinder Der Nacht" and we were close to the cemetery where they are seen, so, we decided to go by there too.

It was almost midnight and we were kind of creeped out, but we thought we would try anyway.

When I was a little kid my mom always thought it was funny to slow the car and roll down the window as we passed the Pataskala Cemetery which never failed to send me screaming to the floor of the car; I think I am still traumatized. Cemeteries at night creep me out.


You are supposed to be able to see or hear small children playing among the tombstones of St. Jacob's Cemetery if you sit quietly and listen carefully, of course it rarely happens but it's fun to try.

Mom stopped the car and turned off the engine. She turned off the lights too, but we watched carefully for oncoming cars. We sat there about 5 minutes whispering to each other and freezing to death when it happened.


The voice of a small child, who was, I would guess about 4 years of age, coming from the far back of the graveyard called out, "What do you want?"

NOTHING!!!! My mom screamed back at the voice. She peeled out of there so fast she almost gave me whiplash. I don't know what that was and I don't want to know.

(Editor's Note: Click this link to read about the "Kinder Der Nacht" )

A "Swamp Road Chronicles" incident report

Reported by Lee Holden January 24, 2023


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