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"Swamp Road Sally Saved Me and My Family”


Dear Sir, I'm sorry, but I can't remember the year exactly, but it was about twenty years ago that I sincerely believe Sally saved the life of my husband and my beautiful newborn son and myself. Now, I know that everyone thinks that Sally is probably some sort of evil entity, but I want to share my experience with you which shows her in a different light. I truly thank God every day for Swamp Road Sally.


I had picked my husband up at Port Columbus and was on my way home during a heavy rainstorm. It had rained for days and there was a lot of snowmelt as well, and all of the rivers and streams were filled to the tops of their banks and over. My husband was exhausted and was sleeping in the passenger seat after his long flight home from Brazil. The interstate highway was flooded near Buckeye Lake and so the Highway Patrol was detouring all eastbound traffic. I had to take the surface roads to get home and going down Swamp Road was the quickest way.  I very seldom drove on that road; I knew about Sally, but I was skeptical about the legend and "I ain't afraid of no ghosts".


It was very hard to see, the darkness, the rain, the fact that our old car's defroster hardly worked at all and the wipers were worn out, all made it very difficult to drive. I was praying silently that God would get me and my family home safely.


I turned on to Swamp Road, drove about 1/2 mile, where the road descended down into the lower part of the old swamp bed when I could see ahead of me, about 75 yards, a white figure standing in the middle of the road. It had its arms extended straight out to its sides.


 It was way after midnight, it was raining hard, it was cold; there should have been no earthly reason for a person to be standing in the middle of the road. I am not superstitious, but "The better part of valor is discretion" someone once said. I stopped, did a U-turn and took another way home.


The next morning, listening to my favorite radio station I learned that one of the small bridges on Swamp Road had collapsed during the night. The water there would have been about 10 feet deep. No one was reported hurt or missing, but it was very dangerous.

I don't think that I would have seen the bridge was out until it was too late, if at all.


I wonder, did God send Sally to protect me and my family? Someday I hope to ask Him.

Meanwhile, I will continue to praise God and thank Him for saving me and my family and I will continue to believe that He used Swamp Road Sally to perform His will.

As reported by Caysee James 1-11-2023:

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