The Swamp Road Chronicles


"Blue Ghost"

Dear Webmaster,

Here is my experience; it's not like the others you have received, but I hope you find it interesting and I wanted to share it.


My mother and I go to church in Kirkersville but we live in Millersport; we take Swamp Road to get home. Being good Baptists, we don't believe in ghosts. However, we saw something that I can only call a ghost; I don't know what else it could have been.


We were driving home from Easter Sunrise service, so it was early, but daylight. About halfway down Swamp Road my mom stopped the car and said "What the heck is that?" I looked where she was pointing and I saw a blue something that looked for all of the world like a ghost. It was floating about 2 feet above the ground, moving right to left, approaching the road. When it got to the road it simply glided up over it, down the other side and out toward the middle of the field where it just seemed to evaporate. It looked like a person in a blue sheet disguised as a ghost, but it wasn't touching the ground and it vanished right before our eyes! It was NOT a real person.


This whole thing really confused me; first, it was daylight, ghosts don't go out in the daylight, right? Secondly, it was blue. Who ever heard of a blue ghost? Thirdly, I'm Baptist and I know there aren't any such things as ghosts. Period. But, I saw one. I think they call this 'cognitive dissonance', when what you see doesn't jibe with what you believe to be true. I'm still confused. Thanks for providing a place to share these things. I'm hopeful that I won't have any more.


As submitted by Dreama Blye, Millersport, Ohio 4-24-22


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