The Swamp Road Chronicles®

"Eyes Without A Face"

Dear Swamp Road,

Last night, I read your report entitled: "Asking For Trouble" and I was compelled to respond to that report with my own. In that report the girls said they spotted 2 orange orbs, well, so did I. They were trying to telepathically "call in" UFOs. I just wanted to see a ghost. Neither those 2 girls, nor I, received what we hoped for. I will NEVER be found on Swamp Road again, and here's why:

About 20 years ago I lived in Pataskala and I saw the "Unsolved Mysteries" episode about Swamp Road Sally. I lived only about 6 miles from Swamp Road and I decided I had to go there and try to see Sally for myself.

I was 17 but I didn't have a driver's license. I talked my boyfriend at the time, Roy, into going there with me one night, but I must say, he was hesitant. He said he knew all about Sally and that his brother and his mom had both seen her ghost.  He was afraid, I guess; but I knew how to persuade him.

We went late one Friday night after the football game. We parked in a wide spot on Swamp Road and started walking up the lane toward State Route 40. It was very dark and just a little bit foggy. We had walked for about 10 minutes when I saw a pair of small orange lights flash on and off about 50 yards ahead of us. I guess it would be more correct to say that they 'blinked' on and off. I got pretty excited, I knew that orbs were often seen when ghosts are about; and I wanted to see Sally in a big way.

Two small orange orbs about 7 feet above the center of the road, stationary and not very bright. I first thought they might be lightning bugs; boy, was I wrong. As we drew nearer I could see them more clearly. I knew Roy could see them more clearly too because I heard him groan, "OH MY GOD! They weren't just lights, they were EYES! JUST eyes, no body or head at all. That's why they appeared to "blink." They weren't human eyes either, they looked like the eyes of a lizard. We stopped dead in our tracks and Roy screamed; "Let's get the hell out of here!" He grabbed me by the arm and we took off as fast as we could back to his car. I looked back a couple of times, but the eyes stayed where they were. I'm sure that if those eyes had chased after us I would have fallen down in a helpless pile of crying, slobbering girlhood, just like all of the women you see in horror films when they are being chased by the monster. I've never been so scared in my life and I think Roy was more scared than I was.

You can see why the "Asking for Trouble" story stirred me into emailing my story to you. That Swamp Road is a creepy place and I have seen the last of it, and it has seen the last of me.

As submitted by Trina May - Outville, OH August 1, 2023


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