The Swamp Road Chronicles



I have enjoyed reading the accounts other people have posted on your site. I have never seen Swamp Road Sally though I have been on Swamp Road many times. I grew up near there and my friend Aubrey and I rode our bikes there often.


Although I have not met Sally, I did a very odd event happen to my friend and I. One afternoon we were cycling on Swamp Road; we weren't going anywhere, just riding our bikes out in the country as kids will do. It was a nice summer day with no clouds to speak of.


Aubrey and I were taking a little break, standing on the edge of Swamp Road and talking about kid stuff. I was looking at Aubrey when there was suddenly a drop of blood on his forehead. A second later there was another and then several more. We were both getting rained on by red drops of something that looked like blood. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was really weird.

We looked up at the sky, of course, to try to find out what was going on, but there was nothing, not even a cloud above us.


Being showered with drops of blood seemed like a warning of something bad about to happen. We took a hint and hurried home. I told my mom about this weird event when I got home and I showed her the drops of blood on my shirt and she could see traces of smeared blood on my face. I told her there had been nothing in the sky above us to explain it and how Aubrey and I were creeped out.


My mom reads a lot and she said that she once read about when Julius Caesar was just a boy there were 2 eagles fighting in the sky above him and drops of blood fell on him. It was taken, by his mother, as a good omen that he would rise to greatness, and he did. Perhaps there had been eagles fighting high in the sky over me that day. We did have Bald Eagles around there. She said the eagle was a symbol of courage and strength in ancient Rome and perhaps I had been likewise anointed with a symbol of eventual greatness, so, I should take it as a positive event in my life.


Well, I'm 40 years old now and no sign of impending greatness has developed in my life yet, but I'm still young. We shall see.


There's my story of my weird experience on Swamp Road, I trust you find it interesting.


As submitted by Rex Semper 3-15-23 Cincinnati, Ohio


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