The Swamp Road Chronicles


"Color Me Dead"

Dear Sir,

First, let me say that I don't believe in all that paranormal stuff. I don't believe in ghosts, or aliens or demons or honest politicians. That's all a pack of hooey. But, I had a thing happen last week that I want to tell you about and get your input, please.


My daughter started first grade last week and on Friday she told me that she had homework for her science class. She said the teacher told each child to bring in 5 different wildflowers for the class to learn about local plant life. No problem, right? Well, I live in the River Forest sub-division and everyone has well-manicured lawns. So, we took a little drive out into the country to find some wildflowers. By 'we', I mean me, my older daughter Susan and my 6 year-old first grader, Morgan.

I knew that Swamp Road was lightly traveled and mostly uninhabited with lots of wild life of all sorts. So we headed out for there. I had heard wild rumors and old wives tales about other kinds of things on the road, but like I said, it's a lot of nonsense.


I parked our Jeep off to the side of the road and we walked a good distance collecting plant specimens that grew in abundance on the edges of the road. There was a lot to choose from and a ton of butterflies too; I liked that. After about 30 minutes of walking and collecting we went back to the car with plenty to choose from and we drove on home. It was a successful expedition.


Friday evening Morgan wanted to draw, so I suggested that she draw a picture of something she saw that day as we collected flowers. She liked that idea and got busy with her crayons. After a while she came to me in the den and proudly showed me her artwork. She had drawn 3 different scenes from our outing; one of them sort of confused me, though. It depicted 4 people standing outside; I asked her who they were and she said, "Why it's you Mommy, and me and Susan." "OK," I replied, "But who is the other girl? The one with no legs?" "I don't know," she replied. "She went picking flowers with us. She was very friendly, she didn't say anything, but she smiled at me."


Well, I can tell you, chills went up and down my spine 47 times. I never saw ANYBODY. I asked Morgan why she didn't draw any legs on the girl and she said the girl didn't have any, she just sort of "Floated."

"Why didn't I see her? And where did she go?" I asked. "I don't know Mommy", she said. I could tell she was getting upset, so I dropped the questioning


Sir, I have attached a copy of her drawing, what do you think of this? Do you think Morgan saw a ghost? Has this happened before? Have you had other reports like this? Please email me back with whatever you can tell me.


As submitted by Luna Pearcy 9-6-23 Pataskala, Ohio


(Editor's note: The drawing at the top of this page is a copy of the one sent to me with this report. I responded to Ms Pearcy by stating my belief that her daughter had witnessed a manifestation of Swamp Road Sally. She can be visible to only those she allows to see her. I also advised Ms Pearcy to keep an open mind about all things paranormal; anything is possible. Except an honest politician, of course.)


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