The Swamp Road Chronicles


"Pigeon Roost Farm"

Dear SRC,

Back in the late 1980's my family used to go to a wonderful place very near Swamp Road called 'Pigeon Roost Farm.' It was and still is a wonderful place for fall-time family fun. They sell tons of different pumpkins and gourds and corn and all kinds of wonderful fall items. They have hay rides and games and animals of all kinds. My siblings and I always looked forward to going there. Later, I took my own kids and soon, my grandkids. It's a magical place.


One of our family's traditions was to linger at the farm until near dark. Then, before we left the parking lot, our father would take a few minutes and remind us about the history of Swamp Road and all about Sally and her tragedy. This was in preparation for him taking us home via Swamp Road which is less than a mile away from the farm. It would be getting dark very quickly and ever more spooky. It was a creepy but fitting finale to a wonderful fall-time outing.


It was 1990, I was 10 years old. I was jammed in the back seat of Daddy's Ford Galaxy with my 2 sisters and brother. I had the passenger-side window seat, and I was watching carefully and expectantly out at the old swamp land; I hoped to see Sally! All of a sudden, Daddy hit the brakes hard, a deer had run in front of our car. Everyone was startled and was looking forward as the deer ran off to the left. I quickly resumed looking out of my window, and there she was! At least I assume it was her. Very close to the car staring straight into the window at me was a very young woman, dressed in white, very, very pale with dark, dark eyes. She put her left hand against my window and as the car continued, we left her in the dark. As we moved forward, her hand slid backward and off of my window, but her fingers left a sort of misty streak on the glass for a second or so.


I was amazed. I guess I was stunned, I didn't say a word about it, I treasured it in my heart and only after many years had passed did I tell my children what I had seen. Was it just a young girl's imagination? I believe I saw her and she saw me and it was meaningful. I have driven my two sons down a dusky Swamp Road as well, if they saw anything, they kept it to themselves; I believe I prefer it that way.


As submitted by Belle Blake, Newark, Ohio 5-1-22


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