The Swamp Road Chronicles


"Old Buzzard"

Dear Sir,

I am a 'geocacher'. In case you don't know what 'geocaching' is, here is what Wikipedia says about it: "Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which participants use GPS to both hide and seek containers called "Geocaches."" There are many thousands of them hidden all over the world. They usually have small "treasures' in them and a log book so that you can register your find. If you take an item for the 'cache, you should leave something in exchange. Using a geocaching app on your phone, you can go on a treasure hunt, wherever you may be. There is a geocache on Swamp Road. I went looking for it. I met an Old Buzzard.


Generally, 'caches are hidden in public places, but some people put them on their own property because they are "geocache friendly" folks, and they enjoy the fun of the hunt too. However, on Swamp Road there is an "Old Buzzard", (Actually an old man, but the resemblance is extraordinary.). By the way, I am writing 'Old Buzzard' because the actual term I use for him is not family-friendly, and is a little vulgar.


Anyway, I was searching in the culvert where the app said the 'cache should be, when the Old Buzzard came up to me yelling and wanting to know what I was doing. He said that there had been some thefts in the neighborhood and he did not approve of my presence on his road. I tried to behave as my mother would have wished and politely informed him of my purpose. He said he didn't give a "D**n" about my "Geehaw Cash" and he was going to call the cops if I didn't leave right then.


I told him I would go when I was good and ready. I said a few things about his mother, whom I don't really know, because I find that kind of talk really annoys just about everyone. He headed back up the hill to his trashy-looking shanty and I left. I have 8 parking tickets in Newark and meeting with an officer was probably not in my best interest.


If you go looking for the Swamp Road geocache, or Swamp Road Sally, for that matter, beware the troll on the hill and tell him I said "Hi" to his mother.


PS, I took the attached picture with my cell phone. Ugly old buzzard, ain't he?


As submitted by Bryan Agent, 4-12-2023 Xenia, Ohio


(Editor's Note: Although this report is not about paranormal activity, we decided to publish it as an interesting anecdote and as a public safety warning as well.)


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