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 (Editor's Note: The episode that occurred near Blackhand Gorge is outside of our area of inquiry here at "The Swamp Road Chronicles®", but it is interesting and should, I believe, be well received by our followers, so I am including it here. The link is at the end of this report.)


"Deputy Jim"

As reported to this site 2-2-2023.


Swamp Road Chronicles, I want to tell you about 2 different experiences I have had; one that regards Swamp Road and one the occurred in the area of Blackhand Gorge.


I was, for 4 years, assigned to respond to a large part of Licking County. I worked the "Graveyard Shift" from 11 pm until 7 am. I would, about every 2 weeks, be called to check on something someone reported seeing on Swamp Road; by the time I got there the phenomenon was gone, almost always. I saw 'almost' because there were 3 occasions when I saw for myself things that I could not explain; I want to share one of them with you; frankly, I'm not ready to share the other two; I just can't get them settled in my mind.


Once, I was asked to check on a report of a young girl walking alone on Swamp Road in the early morning hours. We were having a continuous snow fall and when I got there, I could see where a set of tire tracks had gone southbound on Swamp Road from State Route 40. About 1/8th of a mile south of the highway I began to see footprints in the snow on the eastern edge of the road. I thought, "There really is someone this time." It was very cold out but there was no wind. I was truly concerned that a girl may be in danger.

I followed the footprints for about 1/2 mile until they became fainter and fainter and just simply disappeared.


Of course, I got out of the patrol car and searched the ditches and the surrounding fields with my spotlight, but no signs of a girl or disturbed snow could be found. I drove to both ends of Swamp Road and flashed my lights and tapped the siren to try to gain the attention of anyone that might be around. There was no response. I drove back and forth for 30 minutes before my Sargent radioed for me to give it up. There never was a report of a missing child and no corpse was ever reported, so I guess it is just another unexplained event that will be credited to Swamp Road Sally.

There really is something going on there, but I can't say what it is.


(Editor's Note: The second part of Deputy Jim's narrative, for space reasons, is available at the following link:

 The Blackhand Gorge Demon)


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