The Swamp Road Chronicles

"Ice Ghost"



My Story: I was driving on Swamp Road in the evening on Christmas Eve, last year. I was on the way to my mother's house for our family get together. It was very cold and frosty. The air was filled with freezing fog that was settling on everything and turning the whole world into an icy winter wonderland. It was beautiful, but made for dangerous driving.


I was proceeding down Swamp Road about 25 miles per hour when all of a sudden there was a girl walking directly toward the center of my hood. I reached for the brake, but it was too late. I braced myself for the collision and squinted my eyes for protection against flying glass. But there was no impact. I swear, I drove right through that girl with no discernable resistance. Her face proceeded right through my windshield and right into my face and through it. I felt no impact, but I did feel the coldest cold I have ever experienced. It was very brief, but unimaginably cold. Of course, I knew what had just happened. I had just experienced Swamp Road Sally!

It was literally a chilling experience.


As submitted by Rose Nicodemus 3-4-23


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