The Swamp Road Chroniclesģ


†††† "Men In Black RVs"

Dear Editor,

My Dad and I used to drive on Swamp Road to go to and from my basketball games. We sometimes saw things that didnít make much sense, but the one thing that really made me wonder occurred during the summer and fall of 2009. We were coming home from an away basketball game, it was about midnight,and right in the middle of Pigeon Swamp on Swamp Road was parked a very large, totally black motor home, or RV.

The thing was parked on the very edge of the road, but Swamp Road is very narrow and there are very deep ditches on both sides of the road.My Dad was afraid to try to squeeze by the RV so he parked the car, walked up to the door of the vehicle and knocked on it to ask if they would be moving soon. No one would answer the door despite Dad knocking loudly many times and shouting for them to ďopen upĒ. Dad said he could tell there were people inside, because the RV would move around and you could faintly hear footsteps and people talking inside. But they totally ignored him.

This RV had US government license plates. There were several different antennas and transmission dishes on top of it. Dad finally attempted to squeeze by and made it past, but just barely.Over the next several months we saw the same RV parked on Swamp Road; once we came through at 2 am from a late game in Charleston and it was there. We last saw it during mid-October, we have never seen it or any other US government RVs on Swamp Road since then.

My Dad said that perhaps they were trying to prove the existence of Swamp Road Sally through various detection devices. He thought that maybe there was a rift in the time-space fabric there that allowed other dimensional beings to enter our world; some sort of portal or doorway. Maybe there was a time anomaly.

Whatever it was they were looking for, they kept it to themselves. I wonder: Did they find something, did they learn anything about other realities or other times?

Will they ever share their knowledge about such things with us, the public?

Now, Iím an adult; I drive Swamp Road at night, looking for something, I donít know what, but I know, I can sense that there is something there, something strange and mystical, maybe magical. I donít know, but I will keep looking until I find it. Or, it finds me.

As Submitted by Russ Thomas. November 17, 2020 Appleton, Ohio

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