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Dear Swamp Road Chronicles editor,

I read your recent posting called "Divorce"; I am writing to you because I have a similar story I think you will find interesting. I was on State Route 37 headed for I-70 to go to Columbus to pick up my wife at the OSU Hospital where she works the noon to midnight shift as a nurse 3 days a week. At the intersection of SR 37 and SR 40 there had been a bad car wreck and they had the south side of the intersection blocked. I turned right because I knew that Swamp Road was near and would get me around the accident.


When I got to Swamp Road I turned left and headed south again. I was surprised to see that it was very foggy there. Because it's an old swamp, the land there is very low and moist so fog is to be expected I suppose, but I was still surprised.


The fog became quite dense, I'm a safe driver, so I took my time. Swamp Road is only a couple of miles long, so I knew I would soon be out of it. So, I drove. And I drove. And I drove. I couldn't see off to the side of the road far enough to spot any landmarks to give me an idea of where I was exactly. I was going slowly, but still! It seemed to be taking me longer than it should have. I kept driving. There was no cell service in that remote farmland, so I couldn't confirm my position with my phone. After I had been driving for 30 minutes, I saw a stop sign ahead. I was frankly very relieved, because I was starting to get freaked out. I couldn't imagine what was going on.


When I pulled up to the stop sign I looked around and found that I was right back at the north end of Swamp Road where I had first turned onto the road 30 minutes earlier! I never made a u-turn and Swamp Road is as straight as an arrow. It was so crazy! I can't imagine how that happened. I turned left at that stop sign and went over to the next main road in Kirkersville and had no further trouble getting to I-70.


I was just a few minutes late getting to the wife. I have never told her about what happened, I believe she would think I'm nuts. Thanks for hearing me out. Let me know if anyone else has had this experience, please.

As submitted by Lynn Ashe 2-2-20


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