The Swamp Road Chronicles



Dear Sir,

I am writing to you because I feel that it is imperative to make our young people aware of the terrible danger they are putting themselves into when they begin to play around with things of a paranormal nature. I know I sound like an old lady being alarmed at the mention of a Ouija board or a tea leaf reading session, but I have direct and intense experience with things evil. I have seen the turmoil and despair that can be brought into a family. I have seen lives destroyed and families torn apart.


I have seen a mother praying to God to take her immortal soul in exchange for the soul of her young daughter as the girl screamed and writhed on the floor and frothed at the mouth as she bit her arms and pulled out her own hair in great clumps.


As an ordained cleric of a non-denominational church I have been called to scenes of undoubted demonic oppression. I have felt the incredibly powerful spiritual force of several entities that I was nearly powerless against. It is the most terrifying thing you can imagine. Only prayer can help save the soul of anyone under demonic assault. Such attacks are almost always avoidable. Do not engage with spirits! Do not call upon powers you don't understand! Do not go into haunted places or handle haunted items. It is real! Powers of darkness seek to kill, steal and destroy. Powers of darkness are liars!


Our children are being led into situations they cannot handle. Please post this letter so that someone may be deterred from self-destruction.


As submitted by Rev. Gay Madras 4-8-2023


(Editor's Note: We absolutely concur with Rev. Madras' wisdom. We discourage involving yourself with ANY paranormal situation, regardless your age. Without the necessary education and training, you are not equal to the powers of darkness. Learn from the mistakes of others. Read about the mysteries, but stay clear.)


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