The Swamp Road Chronicles®

"Asking For Trouble"

Dear Swamp Road Editor,

I want to post on your site the true facts about my sister and myself having multiple paranormal encounters on Swamp Road. I also want to tell your readers what happened to us that has completely changed our minds concerning things of the supernatural or paranormal.

We loved watching all of the shows on TV about ghosts and UFOs (UAPs now).

We were especially influenced by the film "Unacknowledged" by Dr. Steven Greer where he introduced the concept of the "CE-5" - a personal contact with a UFO initiated by a person who is meditating. In other words, a close encounter of the 5th kind. He said you could summon UFOs by psychically making your desire to make contact with them known through meditation. The UFO and its occupants would "sense" your desire and respond by showing up. We were skeptical, but wanted to try it for ourselves.


Our first attempt was a great success, we had parked on Swamp Road after midnight where it is dark and quiet. Of course Swamp Road was the obvious choice for our attempt; it is well-known as a place of mystical and spiritual occurrences. We sat on a blanket, held hands and silently meditated on letting the UFOs know we wanted to see them. After 30 minutes or so we noticed 2 orange-colored lights extremely high in the sky moving slowly from west to east. They appeared high enough to have been satellites, but as we watched them, they suddenly stopped moving. Satellites don't do that!

They both remained stationary for about 5 minutes and then they went straight north toward Polaris, the North Star, as they neared Polaris they faded completely away.

We were thrilled. There was no doubt that we had "summoned" those 2 craft. It worked! We were blessed with a CE-5! We couldn't wait to do it again. We couldn't get back out to Swamp Road again for a week, but when we could, we went to the same spot and set up and meditated just as before.

It only took about 15 minutes the second time, and they appeared, 2 orange orbs high in the sky, moving slowly west to east. No flashing lights, no sound and this time they were much closer.

They didn't stop this time, but they did do a U-turn and head back west after they made it over our location. They were still very high in the sky, but closer and very distinct. Of course, we were excited beyond imagining.

Only 2 days later was our third and last exercise in summoning UFOs telepathically. I will never forget the date; it was August 1, 2022; just after midnight on a clear, moon-less night.

When we arrived at our site, we saw that our 2 orange-hued orbs were already suspended high in the sky, as if they were waiting for us; I think they were. We held hands as we sat on the blanket, but we never had a chance to meditate. Immediately, the orbs began to slowly descend toward us. I said out loud, "Oh, come to us, visitors, we welcome you. We desire to meet you and learn from you. Please come closer and let us know you."

At this point I feel the necessity of interjecting a few important thoughts: first, we assumed that the orbs were some sort of craft that was either occupied or was controlled from a distance by an alien intelligence; what we thought of as a sort of 'space brother.' I believe that such craft are the cause of many UFO reports. One thing we did not consider was that these orbs might be living, sentient beings themselves. We were so naïve.

The orbs slowly moved within 50 feet of the ground and about 50 yards from us. As they moved closer to me and my sister we could tell they were about 2 feet across and surprisingly, they appeared to have a face, a human-looking face! The faces were smiling at us as they drew closer.

My sister, in her joy and excitement shouted, "Thank you Jesus, thank you!" The orbs stopped instantly and their faces took on a look of surprise, fright and confusion, but then, quickly their expressions turned to reflect great anger, hate and hostility. Their appearance became demon-like and they gnashed their teeth and growled at us.

They backed away, slowly at first and then shot up into the high atmosphere and out of sight.

We had assumed that they were friendly aliens, but they showed themselves to be evil, dangerous spirits. As Paul wrote in the Bible we fight against: "The powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil."  I don't know what their plan was, but I'm sure that they meant to steal our souls; and WE invited them in!

We learned our lesson, believe me; we don't summon UFO's anymore. We learned that we have no business delving into things we don't understand, things that are powerful, dark and deadly, both to body and to soul.

We had an old Ouija board that we played with on occasion, but the next morning we took it out into the back field and buried it deeply with a full box of salt poured over it and a large flat stone laid over it as well to help keep it down. We also sprinkled a lot of sage over the spot. You may think that we over-reacted, but if you had seen the evil expressed in those demonic orb faces, you would have done at least as much as we did. Don't mess with the paranormal and the supernatural.

   Don't go asking for trouble.

As submitted by Sissy Spiner

Newark, OH August 1, 2023


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