The Swamp Road Chronicles®

"Father Charles"

Dear Swamp Road Chronicles,

As per our conversation last week, I hereby present my story, humbly submitted in penitence for my sins. Praise God, who in His mercy, has shown me the error of my ways and has provided me with the Grace to redeem myself. As I explained, I am a Catholic Priest. Though my parish is not near Swamp Road, I had been informed of the paranormal activity there and was very concerned for the soul of the young girl seen walking there. I resolved to help her.


It seemed to me that her soul had been kept on Earth as a kind of purgatory. The Catholic Church holds that "all who die in God's grace and friendship but still imperfectly purified" undergo a process of purification, which the church calls purgatory, "so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven". Until her time was fulfilled she would be unable to ascend to Glory. However, the prayers of the righteous can avail much and, as a righteous man of the cloth, I was determined to pray, earnestly, for that young sinner. I believed that my holiness could over-power her dark past life of sin.


I went to Swamp Road at 3 a.m. when the powers of darkness are most powerful and walked that road in search of Sally.

After a short distance I heard a sound behind me and turned around to find a pale young woman looking me fully in the face. I thought, How prideful she is! No shame before a holy man of God despite her sins!  I rebuked her. I commanded her to kneel and ask God for forgiveness that she might join Jesus in Heaven. I called her an "Unclean Spirit," a "Familiar of Satan", and a "Lost Soul."


Sally, that poor dear child, knelt down by the edge of the road in response to my command. Using her finger she began writing in the sand. She turned and looked up at me and I could see what she had written.


My entire life was turned upside down. She had used the very method Jesus used to chasten the Pharisees when they wanted to stone to death a woman caught in the very act of adultery. They had tried to pressure Jesus to condemn the woman according to Mosaic Law. He knelt and wrote in the sand. No one knows what He wrote, but He stood and said to the Pharisees, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again He stooped down and wrote on the ground. — John 8:6–8


Sally had written, "Pride" in the sand and then she looked into my eyes. I understood, then, that I had approached Sally with a prideful heart. I had felt superior to her because I believed myself to be "Holier" than she. Who was I kidding? We are all sinners and I was one of the worst. I condemned that child for the wickedness I presumed she possessed, but through my pride I was a wicked one as well.


Convicted in mind and soul, I said "Forgive me" to Sally and with my eyes overflowing with guilty and remorseful tears, I turned and walked back to my car. Back at my church's altar rail, I prayed until past sunrise for forgiveness and humility.

I have tried to examine my heart every day since, to be humbly worthy of my vocation.

Come Holy Spirit!


Through His blessings and Grace I remain,

Your servant and slave for Christ,

Father Charles.


As submitted by Father Charles. Dublin, Ohio June 30, 2023


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